Audio/Video Cabling services

Our Audio Video solutions are flexible

We take your future audio-video cabling needs into account so you can have a design and set of features which will last you for many years. Network Cabling Montreal provides a unique combination of quality, expertise, and value for all your audio-video cabling requirements.

  • We have qualified tech teams to assist with audio/video installations.
  • We also install PA (public announcements) system and can connect it to your audio-video solution.

Audio/Video cabling services

  • Commercial Video Installation
  • Commercial Audio Installation
  • Residential Video Installation
  • Residential Audio Installation

Professional Cablers

In wiring a home or business for video and sound we follow a rigorous process that takes into consideration many factors. Our audio video wiring and cabling experts will consult with you and design a specific plan that best suits your current and future needs, as well as your budget.