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VOIP Door Phone System


Do you want to improve premise security, productivity and maintain your customer service? An outdoor VOIP door phone system will allow you to achieve these goals.

First, let’s briefly look at what VOIP is and how it will benefit your business in relation to your door phone system.


VoIP or the Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows your local area network to play the role and replace your traditional phone network. You no longer need separate wiring for your network, the internet, and your phones.

The biggest benefit comes in costs. You won’t have to install two separate systems, as both networks can operate with the same cables. VOIP can also be safer than traditional networks when properly installed.

By using an outdoor SIP compliant intercom (compatible with VOIP), you eliminate the need for a dedicated separate system and you future proof your investment. You also do not need an ATA and you ensure that your door phone can connect to your VoIP service. Proper cabling will give your device superior sound quality, allowing you to greet customers and delivery personnel quickly. The door phone can also work in tandem with an electric door strike to unlock the door remotely. This is especially useful if your reception desk is far from the door and your staff wastes a lot of time walking around to unlock doors and greet visitors.

By allowing you to communicate with anyone seeking access to your establishment, this type of phone gives you the opportunity to easily control access, keeping both your employees and your inventory safe.

You can save money on security with VOIP, both by investing less on expensive hardware and by combining pre-existing systems into one security option.


Visitors come up to the door and press the call button on the intercom. This initiates a pre-configured call that goes to one or more telephones. You control where the call goes.

The person that answers the call determines who has access to your property. If the door is equipped with an electric door strike a door open code of your choosing can be entered, activating a relay that unlocks the door temporary (using the door strike). The code can come from a mobile or wireless phone, laptop, or any other device connected to your VoIP system.

This system very conveniently gives you complete control.


This system depends on proper professional cabling. You need a dependable installation to ensure that your system continues to run without interruption. Cabling determines the clarity of calls, quickness of access, and security of your business.

At Network Cabling Montreal, our technicians have years of experience installing cables to support your IT and telephone infrastructure. Our team of professionals will ensure that the system runs smoothly.


  • Control over who can access your property
  • Prompt greeting of customers and delivery services
  • Save money on security hardware and installation


Network Cabling Montreal can help you further leverage your VoIP system by installing a VoIP door phone to save your business both money and time. Our team of experts can improve the usefulness and productivity of your system.

If you need cabling services in the Montreal area, get in touch with us today! Cabling is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your business, so you should only work with a door phone cabling business you can trust. Request a free quote now!