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We can ensure that all of your network cabling needs will be met with the latest technology and on-going commitment to top-quality products, installation and customer satisfaction.


Our phone cabling solutions are flexible.

Canada’s population moves often. A 2006 census indicated almost 50% of Canada’s single population and 34% of its married population moved within that year. But with a new home or a new place of business comes new worries. What will happen to that perfect phone system you had set up? Are new phone technologies more advantageous for you?

From the cabling used throughout your business to connect your computers, your VoIP phones and even the television in your conference room, Montreal Network Cabling provides the professional service you need.

Are you in the Montreal area? Do you need a phone cabling installation service for your business? Find out why Montreal Network Cabling is your number one choice.


At Montreal Network Cabling, we are experts in technology and customer satisfaction.

We offer top quality products that deliver the speeds, quality, and reliability your business deserves.

If you don’t have in house expertise, our technicians will analyze your requirements and help you select the best solution to meet the needs of your business. We take into consideration conveniences for today and for the years to come. With our commercial data, VoIP, audio and video cabling services, you’ll benefit from a high-quality installation and superior customer service.

Regardless of the job’s complexity, our technicians can install communication lines that allow you to make phone calls, share data and leverage the full power of your network.


We provide a broad range of services for the Montreal community aimed at helping both residents and businesses further their living and working experiences.

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Voice-data networking

Because of its convenience and numerous benefits, many businesses utilize Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networking, also known as IP telephony.

This service replaces the traditional phone line and instead relies on the internet to transmit audio messages. It allows companies to drive down costs and increase efficiency. However, to get the most out of your business VoIP phone system a stable network is critical and our specialists are trained to install and test these types of installations.

If you are looking to benefit from new VoIP technologies, our experts will install a network system that meets the latest requirements for VoIP, making sure that you won’t have to worry about your business’s future communication needs.

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Audio-video cabling

Do you need a public announcement system? Or do you have a public announcement system with speakers that need to be reconnected to a new VoIP system?

Whatever the need, Network Cabling Montreal will update your audio-video cabling components to fit your needs and budget. Our qualified tech teams have years of experience wiring traditional phone system, audio speakers, horns and VoIP phone systems. They will wire your business location and assess multiple factors to ensure your physical network will never be the source of dropped calls or call quality issues.

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Patch panels

No more sifting through multiple types of wires to find the one you need. Patch panels organize your business’s VoIP and Data cables so that they are easily accessible and can be easily identified.

This process, however, takes careful planning.

The professional teams from Montreal Network Cabling Montreal will create a flexible and customized cabling layout plan so that your patch panels are suited to your tastes and needs.

Update old networks

Need to update an old network? Older wiring is usually more susceptible to interferences and can cause call quality issues in some cases. We can easily upgrade the existing network to the latest type of cabling so that you won’t have to worry about your physical network being the source of call quality issues for years to come.

Updating might involve replacing old wiring, creating networks that take into account multiple systems or simply installing the latest technology.

Check our Cat6 data cabling services for installation or upgrade.


Many factors can impact your VoIP or traditional phone service and a poorly installed cabling is one of those factors. Our phone cabling installation service is designed to offer you the best customer experience and technology at an affordable price making sure that the wiring is the solid foundation supporting your phone audio quality.

Request a free quote and bring your business network up to date eliminating those worries about your business’s audio-video needs. Instead, focus on your core business while our experts install the best technology to support you in your endeavor.

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